Wednesday, July 7, 2010

undercover is a brand i've been having a weird relationship with for the past few years. i went through supposedly liking it to thinking it's dull and not really my style, to thinking it's a bit too crazy and tacky for me, to liking it again. and i've been liking it more and more lately- i don't know, while browsing auctions there seem to be tons of great garments popping up. i'll maybe share a (undercover) wish list one of these days!
anyway, but the only undercover-related, or jun takahashi-related thing i've always loved is the graces. i love how they can seem insanely friendly and peaceful and the next moment give me the utmost creeps. i'm so bummed about missing on on a great grace t-shirt (for extremely cheap) at yahoo auctions. i really hope it pops up again, it was seriously one of the greatest undercover t-shirts i've seen!

and nothing do with undercover (as it's acne) but- wow, i really wish i wasn't currently saving for a ton of other things; i would have bid on these babies in a heartbeat. if you're not broke or saving money and if you're eu size 38, you can get them here.

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