Friday, October 12, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

screencaptures. somehow, they make things look more exciting. .. or then again, maybe it's just me! in a weird way, they remind me of early '00s raf simons campaigns, you know - when he'd shoot videos to showcase his collections and they were all perplexing and subculturally-induced in the loveliest, i was also a teenager once kind of way.

wearing: vintage leather bomber jacket, raf simons ss04 t-shirt, comme des garçons shorts, diesel oxfords, ann-sofie back/vintage rings.

Monday, April 16, 2012

i've always felt, there's difference between a fashion blogger and a fashion blogger. i've tried thinking of different terms for them, since, as you can see, it's quite confusing like this - fashion blogger and style blogger, fashion blogger and fashionista (god forbid!), but nothing ever stuck. so, fashion blogger and fashion blogger it is!

what do i mean by that? quite simple, actually: first off, there's people like me; disregarding popularity of blogs. that's the people who do enjoy getting make'd-up and cake'd-up, who do enjoy dressing fancy, but, if i may say so myself, don't limit themselves to this. fashion is mainly regarded as a œuvre d'art (oh la-la, how pretentious!) and acquiring everything is not the main focus. designers, as well, are seen as artists and i believe the attachment to their work is stronger, more focused - unlike the second type of bloggers who could be into one collection, but not the other (mind you, that does happen "here", too; example - raf simons for me), depending on what's "in" for the season. so, there's a different point of view, a different sort of understanding and attachment and even if i might not be able to include myself here, there's definitely a strong presence from bloggers like this in the blogosphere.

the second type of bloggers, i feel, is the ones that obsess over looking good, the ones that regards clothing mostly as a thing to wear (mind you, that it is indeed) and follow them so-called trends. now, okay, there's nothing wrong with following trends, i guess, but i do believe it shows a shallower understanding of fashion and designer's aesthetics. also, of personal style - those are the people who used to be rock mavens a few years ago and are now all beautiful faeries, covered in pastel and pixie dust. sure, everyone (almost) gets influenced by trends - a strict ann demeulemeester follower might buy a peach blouse to coordinate with an all-white ann d outfit, a rick owens fanatic might play hardcore with metallics during the autumn season. but there's a limit to it, because that's not the driving force.

fashion bloggers tend to follow fashion, but don't forget the past of it - previous collections consisting of grails, the feeling of old-school raf or cdg being replayed, etc. fashion bloggers, on the other hand, i see as focused on the future - wish lists made up of items of clothing and footwear strictly from the most recent collections of this an that designer, no grails, no crazy ebay trips and finds.

and then i understand, why sometimes i wonder "god, if i had that money, i'd be all over iconic pieces, not some newly released and soon-to-be-forgotten h&m collaboration crap!", whereas people tend to, well, do that. and it's okay, i guess, it's just a different perspective.

unrelated picture of my shelf after spring cleaning i took quite a fancy in, just for kicks!