Thursday, July 8, 2010

i had a stressful day today. not necessarily good, not necessarily bad- just stressful. i have no idea but my life just tends to get insanely stressful at times. i'm not going to go into detail, as i don't really intend for this to become a personal blog of sorts but i just wanted to let it out. until now i've coped with it by sleeping all afternoon and browsing another | loves, making different wish lists. that and eating- the only way fashion bloggers unwind.

i really can't believe the yellow-ness of this whole thing! i'm also thinking of ordering the most perfect bernhard willhelm dress but more on that later (when i order it, yes? or, better- when i get it and can actually show it to you?).

peter pan cycling shorts by lucas hugh; gold leather bra by katy rodriguez; antique jean desprès ring; sables by annick goutal; log bench by naoto fukasawa; scrapwood piling center table by piet hein eek / another | loves; google

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