Tuesday, July 6, 2010

more of my hair hair hair obsession. i've been sort of obsessed with hair lately, for god knows what reasons. i'm almost known for rocking my hair au naturel, meaning- combing it only white i shower and looking sort of like jesus, because i never even trim it. of course, it's as au naturel as hair that's been dyed a few times can get but that's a whole other story.
i've been wondering. since i don't really fancy any hairstyles- aside from the side cut which i'm not really sure i can rock properly- but jesus hair can get sort of boring sometimes, i'm thinking about maybe dip dying my hair. pink, violet, green or maybe even simple black. i know it's been a big hit around the blogosphere which makes it sort of old and i know i might sound lame saying things such as "but i liked it before that" but.. i did really like it before it became such a hit. i remember wanting to do it for the summer last year but never really going for it. should i now? i still can't decide on the colour, though, and that's pretty annoying.



  1. Остави си естествения ти цвят.

  2. о, аз си пускам естествения цвят, но си мислих да направя нещо само с крайчетата- те така и така лесно могат да се отрежат, ако нещата се объркат :)