Saturday, September 4, 2010

the things that inspire (or because that's too pretentious- make me smile) lately

milla jovovich in the fifth element. and the movie itself, it's just so cute and late '90s-like, plus it has some really rad jpg costumes. the see through neon skirt with the thong and the shaved hair was so deliciously late '90s it hurt!

i saw party monster a few days ago and you know, it sometimes irritates me- that hipster pretentiousness- but i liked it. i can enjoy the trashiness, if only for the irony of it all. i know tons of people who love chloe sevigny and feel inspired by her and honestly, i'm not one of them but again, i can enjoy her sometimes. her and mccaulay kulkin, they're this typical trashy american phenomenon and if you're not all over it all the time, it has its charm.

and mccaulay turned 30 a few days ago, can you believe it? it's so surreal.

oh i also found um úrnat frá björk- björk's handprinted booklet from 1984- which i really like, it looks so much like children's drawings (you can view the full thing here)

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