Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i found out about confettisystem a while ago but never bothered actually "investigating" them. they are a new york brand, i think? i decided to visit the site today and honestly, it's like an orgasmic explosion of pastel colours and metallics! it was seriously making love to my eyes. but enough with the gross metaphors- they have some really great home decor (about which someone said, and pretty fittingly, "it's like having a tanabata decoration out all year long") and some beautiful jewelry i just might invest some money in in the future.

a few days ago i indulged myself and bought something i don't even need. i should probably stop buying/eyeing bern things but it cost about ten bucks and since even his socks cost more, i couldn't possibly say "no". it's going to be my second item with a print like this and i really need to find a different bag to wear with it because as awesome and gross as the idea sounds, i don't think i'm brave enough to wear them together.

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