Sunday, April 8, 2012

you might or you might not know, but for orthodox christians, or just people in orthodox christian countires, today is a celebration - the so-called "flower day", tsvetnitsa. and in honour of that and also of my blog that has not been updated in over a month, is today's post, featuring those lovely flower installations mark colle did for raf's last jil sander show (aw12). because, let's be reasonable - the best flowers are jil flowers!
весел празник на всички!
images: another.


  1. thanks ! the lamp is finnish make, you can find them here ( with different colours of cords. and apparently even some different colour of glass ? its pretty awesome admittedly !

    1. cheers x i'll look into it! i'm pretty bad when it comes to finding interesting houseware and such sadly, i must admit :/ the other colours are rad, but i'm mostly digging the minimalism (l o l) of the white/clear one.

  2. beautiful! i can't stop looking at flowers..