Friday, March 9, 2012

BACK by ann-sofie back

after a few middle fingers raised and a few tantrums thrown, i can happily say that the new hardware is in (ah, the irony of the sheet - that is actually some complete useless to me, the sofiaite, brochure about culture in portland, oregon between december last year and this month - i used as a background, tee-hee.. ). this back by ann-sofie back ring was purchased at stand up comedy, which is a site i'd recommend you, especially for their amazing maga/zines and book. but that's a topic for another time!
i've been a huge fan of the sheefun for ann-sofie back earring-themed/adorned/god knows? jewelry for a long time now, but never really figured out how and where to get them. so when i saw the new versions - these ones are made of acrylic, instead of from gold(-plated metal?) - i knew i had to pounce the opportunity like a madwoman! and, all in all, this brings me here.


it also should be noted, i really love piecrings, especially when done in a subtle and classy way, while still being imaginative and serving their usual purpouse - rebellion! sort of like it would be if one had a surface piercing on his middle finger (side note: would make my flipping off way more effective!). on the other hand, i also enjoy over the top, old school piercings - faces full of 'em, with a few tattoos to go with it. sort of like shiba from snakes and earrings (which, ironically, is a visually pleasing film with a nice plot, while the book actually left me with a bad taste in the mouth and not in a good way; also - there's just as much details you can describe while writing about sex!) which, while being one creepy fuck, i must admit - is exactly what you'd expect to see on an underground fashion blog, listed under "characters that inspire me" and being, well, not a character that literally inspires anyone in any way. but all in all, a cool fuck, pardonnez mon français!

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  1. oh mayne i've got the same ring while ago and i'm so gutted since the quality is just so poor. didnt exactly pay too much for it but from ann-sofie back you'd expect something better. the other ball keeps dropping off and the brass has turned all orange. what can you expect .. i wish i had the original metal ones as well !