Saturday, November 6, 2010

remember how intense the aw06 junya spiked shoes/boots were? of course you do- you either have them or wish you did, there's no third option. along with the margiela tabi, they're some of my favourite "iconic", so to speak, shoes. unlike the margielas that get re-released (almost?) every season and are pretty easy to obtain, at least in some of their many reincarnations (i'm of course not talking about models from the '80s or '90s but i'm no collectioner so i would be happy to just own some plain black ones one day), these boots were released once, got probably sold out so i didn't get my hopes high for ever getting a pair. so you can imagine i pounced them like a madwoman when i saw them up on yahoo japan auctions- can't say i walked away with the deal of my life (reason for being broke as mentioned in my previous post) but i'm pretty happy with my purchase. heck, i'm more than happy- to finally "own" (yet to arrive, obviously) an item you've been wanting for years is a pretty phenomenal feeling. i do feel shallow and material but what fashion blogger doesn't? all in all, i can't believe i wrote so much when i could just say OMG I FINALLY BOUGHT THE SHOES OF MY DREAMS BUT AM DIRT POOR NOW BUT DON'T CARE YAY RUN-ON SENTENCES!

moving along! i've been watching some old-ish crap lately, like freaks and geeks, and yesterday i watched slc punk. i swear to god this has nothing to do with the fact that both have young jason segel who was such a dreamboat in them (does anyone still use that? saw him referred to as that on tumblr and got a kick out of it because i hadn't seen the word used since i was in middle school or something). note to self: get a boyfriend! .. no, i mean it!

looking at this post makes me feel as if i'm looking at tavi's blog which is not a bad thing, only i'm almost 20 years old.
junya watanabe aw06 images via; jason segel images via tumblr

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  1. Честити бутушки, слънце. Да потропваш щастливо с тях из софийските улици ... *припява си коледна песничка*