Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i know i post a lot about what has currently taken my fancy but i rarely dwell in the past or talk about the main things about me. i kind of stole? this questionnaire from ally of through a glass darkly so here it is:

1. Why did you create the blog?
at first, i had the idea of making this some sort of serious blog bulgarian people could read and learn more about more obscure and lesser known brands, music and art. then i got bored of the idea of writing about things i already know and decided to just keep this as a place where i put each and every photo, video or song that i enjoy. somewhat like an archive but more chaotic (honestly, i'm still not sure if i like chaos or tidiness).

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
i follow tons of blogs- i wouldn't be surprised if they're over 200, actually. anything for the most obvious like knight cat and fashiontost to blogs that hardly have any followers. the blogs that i truly am happy to see updated, though, are exactly those little obscure blogs that feature so much randomness but also so much variation. my blog is also kind of a clue what blogs i follow, because that's what i like and that's what i like to read about.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
i'd say mac but that's only because i'm not good enough to experiment with this kind of stuff and they offer me the needed quality for a good price. i do take suggestions, though! idrg why i wrote this, but let's review again! for skin-care, i like bioderma and la roche-posay, i'd also really like to finally get my hands on some håkansson, as their samples do wonders. for make-up, i'd say i enjoy ysl, shu uemura and nars.

4. Favorite clothing brand?
i think it's pretty obvious by now but- comme des garçons. bernhard willhelm and junya watanabe come close second and third, i think. after that, it gets even more obvious- maison martin margiela, (mostly old-school) undercover, dries van noten, helmut lang, charles anastase, anntian, limi feu, etc. non-designer brands i like are acne, topshop and the pretty hit-or-miss h&m.

5. Your indispensable makeup product:
actually- none. i use make-up really rarely and i clean my face mostly with organic things (not make-up- veggies, fruits, milks, etc.) so i don't really have any "indispensable" ones. i'm pretty obsessed with my cunning by mac lipstick right now but let's just see how long this lasts! what i do use almost daily is my aleppo soap by fadel fadel sons.

6. Your favorite color:
any shade of red, darker shades of blue and white (which is not a colour yada yada yada i know!).

7. Your perfume:
i'm currently using kyoto and white by comme des garçons and love them to death. i've also used their 2 and love it, as well as 888 which i hope to purchase some time in the near future. all in all, i can't pick a name for "my" perfume but i think i'm sticking to cdg for now.

8. Your favorite film?
i'm an avid film-watcher so the list can go on and on but my all time favourite is battle royale (both the film and the book, actually). then there's the obvious cult classics such as edward scissorhands (older tim burton as a whole), a clockwork orange, trainspotting, monty python and the holy grail, suspiria (older dario argento), the pianist, the royal tenenbaums, etc. i love films, okay?

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
if we're talking about first times here, i'd like to visit england. since i'm visiting it in december, though, i'll say belgium, namely antwerp, for the obvious reasons. i know it sounds lame but humor me, please!

10. Make the last question and answer to yourself: is there something else on your mind?
i'd like to point out that except for fashion, doctor who is a thing that makes me insanely happy. so if i ever post a disgustingly pleased picture of me, clutching some doctor who-related item, please do not be surprised!
and also this, this has nothing to do with anything but have a bit of fry (without laurie):

all images via tumblr


  1. YAY! So glad you did this questionnaire. I think I'll have to try some CDG perfumes.
    And also you have just reminded me I left out so many great films in my list. I LOVE trainspotting and the royal tenenbaums.
    I also want to visit Belgium and I finally am in mid December! Cannot wait!

  2. you should definitely try them out! i know colette carries them but since (i think?) you can't try them there, luckyscent sells cdg perfume samples really cheap.
    lucky you, going to belgium! do tell about if afterward!