Sunday, September 12, 2010

i've been shopping a lot lately and i currently have something along the lines of 2lv. ($1.25?) in my wallet and i can't even spend them since one is my "lucky" coin but i don't remember which one and don't want to risk spending it and yay for run-on sentences. i bought a new old (2004 i think?) bern bag and this lovely fw05 comme shirt:

after buying it i saw the perfect tricot comme cardigan for like, nothing but was too poor to get it, too. i'll keep my fingers crossed people don't snatch it from under my nose, because it's really, really great. mixed patterns and mixed materials!
i really want a pair of creepers and am thinking about investing in one or two (black and leopard, maybe?) if i do get my ass to london around christmas. first eri's great outfits paired with creepers, now i'm obsessing over how awesome wends from panache's look.

i hit my leg pretty bad when chasing my cat so please, please, pretty please, pretty red and blue bruise, appear! and i really want to pair creepers with a nice pink chiffon or silk dress.


  1. bern bag <3
    creepers sound like a great idea (:

  2. Got to post an outfit sometimes ;) I am sure you've got lots of crazy hot finds like these!

  3. i'm planning on doing that sometimes soon (as weird as it may sound, i actually have no camera, like- at all, so i'm going to take advantage of my camera-possessing, cool picture-taking friend, haha).