Tuesday, September 14, 2010

nude lipstick, red lipstick, even black lipstick- please move over, we have two new winners! orange and violet (that sound a bit too halloween-ish together) are my new favourites for autumn. or, as a whole, because "for autumn" sounds so gross, fashion blogger-like and overall fake. i bought a nice orangey red lipstick today and am still lusting over that grand givenchy, i think, violet one. any cheaper suggestions that are no mac, because mac doesn't really have a nice violet lipstick, or at least not one that looks good on me.

not the most flattering pictures but yeah gimme violet lipstick! or do you say purple? honestly, what's the difference?
i also really want to try out fat eyebrows. not bushy, unkempt ones (been there, done that) but the drawn-on type? in all sorts of different colours, though anything other than black or brown would probably be too risque for university. i wouldn't mind trying out red or blue for some party, though.


  1. йея, лилаво... много сладко си излязла на снимките /и аз те имам на снимка с лилаво червило/ *намиг-намиг*

  2. ти говориш за цвета на червилото, аз не мога да откъсна поглед от очилата...

  3. благодаря.. предполагам. ще й предам (: