Tuesday, August 10, 2010

went to the seaside, got disgustingly dark, wore a brown/dark green-ish dress. if all goes according to plan, i'll soon have mutated into a piece of poop. and now there's lazy days, nostalgic smells, searching for jobs, reading horror stories, etc. i did get my new (and someone's old) bern dress in the mail a few days ago, though:

i sadly lack the equipment to shoot it in its full glory so you only get a half-arsed picture of my lower body ("to prove i actually own it", so to speak) and three shots from the site i got it from. i find writing reviews of clothes pretty stupid but it's a dope dress- the different colours and patterns, as well as the different materials are mixed in that perfect way only mr.willhelm can. you can't deny it, he does colour like no one else!

lynn yaeger makes me miss my red hair. i can just wish i will one day be as rad (and as red) as her..

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