Saturday, July 31, 2010

sometimes i love "korean" fashion- it just gives off this alluring relaxed vibe and frankly, i think the people are not trying as hard as japanese people to look cool (which is not a bad thing; nor is it a good thing- just different, actually). i know it's lame to compare "korean" and "japanese" fashion based only on both of those being asian- imagine someone comparing fashion in london and fashion in paris; it would be just stupid- but humor me.

speaking of things relaxed, cool and effortless, liger's hilary has been killing it with her outfits. she's rich, she's famous and she obviously has a huge wardrobe but i love the fact that she actually bothers to wear her clothes out more than once- that way it feels like actual outfits, rather than just dressing up.

and more relaxedness- mmm aw00:

your boyhood,; -liger-store-; unknown

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