Wednesday, August 11, 2010

there was a great feature on hair&make-up artists in the new so-en (which i'm yet to finish reading but still) which reminded me how much i love katsuya kamo's and julien d'ys' works. i should really expand my horizons when it comes to knowledge of hair&make-up artists, excluding these two gentlemen and pat mcgrath but for now i'll just leave you with some kamo pieces.

i also stumbled upon these pictures of a magazine curated by jun takahashi, i believe, in jun takahashi's pop blog:

lately i've been "craving" art in all forms possible- cheap art books, museum exhibitions of even the most obscure and unknown artists, etc. i've been really liking sam windett's art- i'm not one that's too much into complex art and, as disgusting as it may sound, i actually like modern(-istic) art with all those weird shapes, shapeless things one can't identify and/or pretty colours. true, though- sam windett's art is not the best example of "pretty colours" but still, it gives off some really nice vibes.

i found out about karishma shahani, a graduate of london college of fashion of indian descent, and her collection "yatra" ("pilgrimage" in hindi) just blows my mind. it's such an explosion of colour, of materials. not many designers' work makes me do this but her clothes make me actually think of some distant lands, of voyages beyond my imagination, of heroes and beggars, and magicians, and gods. in a way, it's almost tangible and whoah did i wax lyrical about it. but honestly, it's just breathtaking.

isn't the red bag with the trinkets just glorious? but honestly, isn't it all!

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