Thursday, July 29, 2010

since i'm one of those bloggers (the ones that like innovative japanese/belgian/young and unknown designers, white and creamy colours and colours overall, and crazy prints, and unrelated art, and such, and such, and such; but you know which ones i'm talking about), i obviously like uslu airlines nail polishes. i believe it's high time i got myself some- you know, to be more like those same bloggers i believe i belong in the group of.

excuse me for being so not innovative and excuse the obvious bern that is obvious. i'm still sour about not buying one of his colours when i was at colette last spring.

uslu airlines x bernhard willhelm - gww - raf gatow - germany; uslu airlines x bernhard willhelm - kno - knokke/het zoute - belgium / uslu airlines


  1. obviously! and hay thar! (sorry for not replying to the lj message but i've been insanely busy lately and was putting it off until.. well, today but you commented haha; btw i still need/want to message you about randomness)