Tuesday, July 27, 2010

in a way, this is going to be a small art dump. if i have to be honest with you, i like art- looking at it, trying to analyze it, and yet i have no favourite illustrators, painters, etc. it's just i never bother remembering their names and there's just too many i like. maybe i should start archiving them? yeah, maybe. to make it sound more cool, let's say this will be the first post of this so-called archive of artistic people i like and their work.
i've been really liking roland topor's works lately. there's of course the iconic la planète sauvage (which i am ironically yet to watch) but i mostly like his short films.

i also really like alex kanevsky's waves paintings. i'm not sure if it's a cycle or just unrelated paintings of waves but regardless, i really like the soft blue tones and the way you can actually get the feeling of waves.

various roland topor artwork; alex kanevsky - waves (2008) / google; alex kanevsky

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