Monday, July 12, 2010

i love cool hair and i love cool hats but sadly i own neither. it's so weird but i tend to be really picky when it comes to things i'm obsessed with- i love reading but it has to be the perfect book; i collect glasses but they have to be the perfect pair for me to buy them; etc. the only things i'm not picky about are tea and cats but that's an obsession on a whole other level. anyway, i love hats but only own two, because i find it extremely hard to choose the perfect hat. i'd definitely buy one of the acne ones when they're out, though. i'm not sure what colour (maybe both) but i'm almost sure i just found my perfect hat when i saw those. the leather, the big brim, the height- so delicious!

also i just discovered marina abramovic's art (might sound like i did so a bit too late but better late than never, right?) and i really like it. i'm not one to wax lyrical about things like this since i'm by no means an art critic but i think it gives off a great feeling- experimenting with and discovering the human body and mind through nudity and static character. nudity might be getting a bit old (especially in the sense of it being provocative) but i still like her work.

there's some information about her installations, if i can call them this, on this site. i know it all sounds pretentious and somehow too easy but humor me. though i guess i should really search for some more refined art.

acne women ss11; various marina abramovic artworks / .; artnet - the art world online; google

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