Wednesday, January 11, 2012

she is here, she is there, she is everywhere with her platform boots and multicoloured hair and vintage velvet mini-dresses. she's on vice and she's on every dirty hipster's tumblr and that's when you know she's either got it very, very wrong or very, very right. because then again, who am i to judge (with my dirty hipster tumblr account and pile of vice magazines i always cuss, but never give up collecting)! so, yes, eriko nakao - tokyo's muse for god knows how long - i personally remember her from way back in 2008 when narziß was still alive and gallermic and all of the other tokyo club kids were still as underground as those dirty little clubs were. or, honestly, i don't know, as i know neither of those people personally.. but that is how i like to imagine things were back then, when christ walked the earth (or dinosaurs, so everyone can be happy!). now things are obviously different and you can find anyone and everyone on tumblr, or on facebook or even in those big fashion blogs that like to explore the ~exotic and crazy underground culture. then again, as i already said: who am i to judge anyone!

eriko nakao, that woman with the little girl's body, the sad eyes and the exquisite wardrobe fit for her nihilistic attitude. or again, that's the way i like to imagine things! i wouldn't call her an inspiration, as i, in all honesty, don't even know what inspires me anymore.. intriguing is what i'd use; and that's exactly what she is. someone you'd wish you were, but wouldn't really want to be; someone who is best kept at a distance, because that way you can imagine so many things about them in your mind. she's the trashy club kid with the american influence; the sophisticated woman that goes to the pre-raphaelite art exhibition at the museum; the one that looks best in a japanese kimono with her hair pulled back.. all those personas, all those stories. and that's what's so appealing about her, i guess. then again, it's different for everyone; it's up to you to decide!


because oh god, yes, yes you are woman.

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