Monday, November 22, 2010

i recently stumbled upon a sort of archive site with ellen von unwerth works. i can't say i am a fan but i really like her older pictures of milla jovovich (circa late nineties), especially the the face editorial called "how to get ahead in hollywood". it makes me reconsider so, so many things like red lipstick with blue eyeshadow and dress shirts (so sue me, i'm not a fan). i just love it and milla is gorgeous as usual!

speaking of blue eyeshadow- well, blue eyeshadow! i really like how deep shades of lighter blues (royal blue, turkish blue) look on the eyes right now. did i mention i'm going through a "i need colour" phase?

and i also really like/d these nineties comme see-through trousers that i'm not sure if i won or didn't win (using a shopping service, don't know the screen name of the person behind it). i really hope i did win, they're so rad! oh, i did win a see-through black skirt, though- yes, i'm going through a "i like see-through bottoms" phase, too! eta: i did win the trousers! i think this will be my first pre-2000 comme item ever (my oldest one is a aw00 top/sleeved scarf).

milla images via ellen von unwerth, other images via tumblr


  1. Great editorial and strange timing because I just bought a blue eyeliner/eyeshadow pencil last week! I hope you won the comme trousers too, they are beautiful!

  2. wow funny timing indeed! i really want to try the look out, i wonder how it translates to real life/non-model people (: and thank you, let's keep our fingers crossed!