Thursday, August 26, 2010

i lack the inspiration to post about fashion so excuse me for the numerous unrelated posts that are to come. fashion bored me right now and other that the few things i'm planing on purchasing, it doesn't really tickle my fancy right now. well anyway, here's some belarusian towels that look like bulgarian towels which i found today. it was pretty rad, if i have to be honest- what might be simply routine for british, french, japanese, etc. people is really rare for a belarusian/bulgarian, since those two countries don't exactly spell "blogger inspiration".

there's so many- too many- "artists" with "art" blogs (hoho, see what i did there with the quotes?; but honestly, i like some of them, like erithemermaid for example) nowadays and besides i like to pretend i'm oh-so elite when it comes to art but i found banshee beat a few days ago and i really like the collages she makes. in a way they feed my wanderlust and that gross love for everything and anything "ethnic" i've been talking about lately.

went to a job interview today but didn't get hired as i'm an university student and they were hiring full time only. i feel this pretty cdg blouse and the knit rosary and even the new sketchbook getting farther and farther away from me. ugh i need a job, really.

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