Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 → 2012 (overview)

it's just one more day and then.. the last year of our lives, according to the mayans; or maybe just another year. 2012. leaving 2011 behind, i lack deep and meaningful thoughts, but i'm full of lovely memories. thing is, i didn't really plan on making a post like this - truth be told, i'm not even sure i'll finish this one; or at least finish it in a way that it'll look like what i want it to look like - but seeing all those lovely entries other people write.. i just had to. i'll try to either put some chronological order or group things by categories, but mainly.. let's see what happened to me in 2011.

i started the year of 2011 in london, at 00:00 i was on the tube and the first "happy new year!" i got was from a chubby chav girl and, as sad as that may sound, i will remember it and cherish it - i mean, how many people can say they spent a lame new years eve on the tube (okay, maybe a lot, but humour me!)? wanted to see the fireworks, but all we got to see was the reflections of the last few blows in a glass building. afterwards - a bottle of champagne shared on a cold bench in hyde park and sleeping over at a new acquaintance's flat.


the post-holiday mood in london is something i really miss right now - deliciously dead, dark and gloomy, days spent buying food in value shops, chilling in small coffee shops in camden early in the morning (because of reasons!), riding trains, being cold and whatnot. and then the rest of my winter was spend being lazy, wanting to be lazy, but having to study, taking exams, drinking tons of tea and coffee and basically doing.. things.
then spring came and i remember it mainly being spent relaxing, skipping class and once again, drinking litres and litres of drinks - cold, warm, whatever.

i read quite a lot of books, including, but not limited to: lizard by banana yoshimoto (in japanese), snakes and earrings by hitomi kanehara, a scanner darkly by philip dick. also, a lot and lot of amélie nothomb.
also, there was a museum night in sofia (14.05) which i - like every other dirty and disgusting hipster than understands nothing about art, but pretends to do - of course visited.

then i had a hectic summer, consisting of more tests and more traveling. during my exam session, i visited sofia design week, which was.. well, what the name says - a week full of events dedicated to design; in sofia, obviously. it was enjoyed accordingly - with a bottle of not so good, but oh so cheap wine and running away from short, but fierce summer storms.

i took part in two youth in action projects - one dedicated to volunteering (in england) and the other one - to social inclusion (in romania). now, being a fashion ~blogger and all, you'd think all i care about is fancy dresses for fancy events where they serve fancy food (well, okay, obviously not), but there's hardly anything that makes me happier than participating in fancy events, such as creating compost tumblers, while wearing fancy clothes, such as an old and worn t-shirt and a 3-year old plaid shirt, waiting to eat some fancy food, such as under-cooked potatoes made by yours truly etc. in a communal kitchen. i won't go into detail - or maybe i will, but another time - but i've seriously been thinking about just leaving it all behind - those fancy dresses and that pretentiousness and the need to spend, own etc. (cue deep and very cliché words:) because honestly, i really think that the lack of that - the will to let your hair down, grab your suitcase and just get on a train - is what's making a lot of people, or at least me, need those other things. so i'm thankful to you, 2011, for showing me that - not only on words, but with serious examples.

je veux d'l'amour, d'la joie, de la bonne humeur,
ce n'est pas votre argent qui f'ra mon bonheur,
moi j'veux crever la main sur le coeur 

allons, ensemble, découvrir ma liberté,
oubliez donc tous vos clichés,
bienvenue dans ma réalité..

while in england, i could travel a bit - from hull to leeds, to manchester, to york; even to some god-forsaken small villages that only have one pub and one small shop, and then maybe an indian restaurant, which, if i recall correctly, was named the white horse.. and there were also graveyards, and fog, and old churches, and night walks, and long walks on country roads.. and small hostels, and weird foreign guys, and empty clubs, and more night walks.

then between those travels, i just relaxed. went to the sea for 1.5 days, which resulted in me being white as milk (even right now; especially right now).

a month or so after i've gotten back from england, i went to romania - truth be told, it wasn't even planned. my "i might be interested in going" had somehow become "i'm going" in the eyes of the people who were organizing the trip and.. i ended up on the train to bucharest. do not get me wrong, i ain't complaining - had it not been for this accidental trip, god knows how long it would have taken me to actually visit our (bulgaria's; hello, blogging from bulgaria!) neighbor. and its countryside, at that! so i got to visit bucharest - which was a lovely city, of course - but also live for a while in a village up the north of the country.. or so i believe, i might have been feeling a little disorientated after a 7h.-long trip by bus.

albeit a trip full of exciting traveling and great (or not so) beer, what i will mainly remember is the people. because as much as i say that i hate people - and in all honesty i do - there's always those ones that i by some twisted trick of fate not only do not dislike, but really, really like. and you see that picture in the end, with me, the fashion ~blogger, looking - god forbid - hideous.. that's the "i don't care" kind of happiness i was talking about. those special moments and those special people (cue sappy words:) are worth giving everything up for! so, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
autumn was good - mellow and relaxing, full of going to school and work and again, drinking a lot of coffee and tea and reading a lot of books, mainly márquez and ray bradbury. since i started another year at university and also a new job, nothing really exciting happened to me - spent most of my time waiting for december to come.. and now it's almost over, as is this year. all in all, i can say it was a lovely year - i changed a bit, but i still believe it was for better. mainly, i think i found my happy place and became more content with who i am - realized what's important and what's not, learned how to manage my money better without actually being stingy, finally decided what i want to do in the near future.. and of course, left a lot of place for mistakes and accidental "victories". i have no idea what the new year will bring, nor do i want to put pressure on it or myself by wishing for stuff. i just (secretly hope, but actually) think it will be just as good as this one, if not better. see you all in the year of 2012!

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