Thursday, July 14, 2011

i usually tend to get those crazy little surprises when i buy cheap designer clothes off of ebay. whoever follows me on twitter knows about the flower-patterned junya watanabe dress i bought a while ago.. ah, yes, i did buy it! to be quite honest, as it wasn't stated, i didn't even know the collection it came from, but upon receiving it, i found a little "AD2000-" written on its tag. which lead me to assume it was either AW2000 or SS2001. upon closer inspection, also known as "searching for the collections in google", i think i could say it's from AW2000, as it was not in the SS2001 show, nor did it even fit with the overall theme.

aw00 though, is also the collection of that magnificence up these, also known as "one of my favourite pieces of clothing/art to ever exist". and i'm not exaggerating! i really wish i could see it in person..

The ruff's accelerated inflation to shoulder-wide dimension in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries did not anticipate Junya Watanabe's torso-encompassing rendering of the style. To accomplish the extraordinary scale of his ruff, Watanabe required a polyester chiffon that could hold its shape. No silk organza was able to do so. Despite all its reliance on technological innovation for the fabric, this design, from Watanabe's "Techno Couture" collection, was stitched together by hand. (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

the dress i own is made of polyester and one might argue about to what extent exactly you can consider it a "quality material", but i do believe the dress looks amazing and pretty different. it feels and looks great and honestly, the blend is like i've never felt before! makes me wonder how the ruffed dress might feel! and back on the topic of the ruffed dress, according to skin + bones (a book i believe tavi wrote a review on and that i would like to but am yet to own), it bears a great resemblance to the foreign office architects yokoama international port terminal. if i have to be honest, i've yet to read more into the matter, but i guess you (and me, both) could see the resemblance just by looking the pictures.. and honestly, it kind of makes me want to buy that book more now.

yes, i did just wax lyrical about a dress that i did not even show. in case anyone is interested, here it is! i guess i must take some pictures wearing it, as it's not really fashion blogger-y of me not to.. all in good time, all in good time!

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