Thursday, December 23, 2010

watched black black swan yesterday. all in all, i think it was a good film- it had its weak moments and the story was lagging at times, but it build up such a sweet tension that i enjoyed far as the story goes, i enjoyed the fact that it wasn't overly complicated, full of details and characters- everything had its place where it fit quite well. it actually had something that most modern films lack (which i find extremely annoying)- the story did feel like one "whole" thing; i actually thought everything was there for a reason.i did like the characters, nina as well (even if i am no big fan of natalie portman). nina aside though, her mother was the character that maybe creeped me out the most- while nina was supposed to show pure and obvious madness, you could see bits and pieces of a crumbling mind in her mothers character. it was obscured, but you could still feel it, which in my opinion made it even scarier- like, you really did not know what to expect (whereas with nina you could almost guess what the outcome would be). this being said, i did like nina! all in all, i have to admit that i have a morbid fascination with the human mind, especially when "wounded" and disturbed. while it was obviously exaggerated in the film, i think it still showed how far it could lead you and what grotesque, albeit beautiful words it can create.

not to mention, i have a huge fascination with ballet! i find everything and anything relating to it brilliant. i've actually seen swan lake performed at the opera here and i thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it did not feature rodarte costumes. speaking of which, they were, of course, breathtaking. especially the black swan's one (i also really enjoyed the make-up work, need to find out who did it- the black hands on the black swan and the white face on the white one were great little touches that really made the looks complete) with the beautiful veil. i think the mulleavy sisters were a great choice, as their usual work aesthetic is pretty close, if not almost exact, as what is needed for ballet costumes- it is different, theatrical, exaggerated and even a big otherworldly, if you will.

kate mulleavy's sketches of the costumes, via style rookie you can/should click "view image" to see them in their full detailed glory. screencaptures via je_vue

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  1. I can't wait to see the film! I, in contradiction to you, love Natalie, so, I can't wait! And Rodarte makes it all even more special. Natalie+Rodarte+ballet=match made in my unfulfilled dream heaven!