Monday, November 15, 2010

you probably know alexander calder- especially for his mobiles and sculptures- but i recently found out he also did jewelry and am mesmerized by them. i'm not big on wearing jewelry (i'm trying to change that) but i can always admire something quirky, out there. i love the hard metal those are made out of and the almost exaggerated size that makes the pieces really imposing and give off a vibe of impossibility to be worn. unless you're isabella blow and honestly, even if i have no solid facts about it, i wouldn't be surprised if she had actually worn one of his works.

i've never been huge on issey but i always love older japanese fashion and imagery. some may say that kids in japan nowadays are just starting to "blossom", creating unique and never before seen trends but honestly- it's not for me. the novelty is not quite there anymore- sure, lady gaga etc. may praise them but for me it feels like something is missing. not to say i don't enjoy some young japanese labels (mikio sakabe, writtenafterwards, anrealage, hiro to name a few!), i guess i'm just more of an old-school lover. this being said, i'm really stocked about future beauty!

all of the above imagery is via them rag- do take a look, it's full of eye/ear/any human organ-candy!

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  1. Ok so I'm spamming your blog with my comments but this is another amazing post. I didn't even realise that exhibition was on at the Barbican! A trip to London is definitely in order.