Sunday, October 3, 2010

so comme des garçons ss11. i know i'm supposed to be the comme-obsessed, kawakubo-can-do-no-wrong-defending person that i am but i feel it's sort of.. underwhelming? i do get a '90s (or even earlier) comme vibe, mixed with some ss07 and even some junya, and i also know i'm probably going to end up loving it once i see it live or even see more details online but for now i can't say i'm really all that impressed. the last two collections- this one and aw10, respectively- were pretty "miss" for me, mostly thanks to the "helping hand" of the two before that that are probably some of my favorite comme collections ever (sheer, colour, leather, colour, crazy wigs, colour- what more can one ask for?). maybe i'm getting too used to colourful clothes that weren't really in the repertory when the brand was founded and should remind myself who and why started the whole カラス族 (karasu zoku, crow tribe) trend. i love the leather detailing, the shoes and some of the double jackets but i don't see myself obsessing over how much i need to get something from this season. except maybe that gakuran jacket, because gakurans are pretty intense. and speaking of intense, emily at yohji's show? there's some really weird stuff happening lately but eh, who am i to judge!
eta: okay, still not flailing over it but the details make some of the clothes really interesting, thus making me want them. oh, kawakubo!

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