Friday, July 16, 2010

i really love hussein chalayan and that is no secret. i love the architectural feeling one gets from his clothes but i'm also really intrigued by the way his shows look like a fast motion evolution- you notice something in an outfit and then in the next, but it's already altered, and then in the next, getting more and more diffrent.. i think the best example is the infamous ss98 collection that featured burqas that were progressively getting shorter and shorter until the models were practically naked on the stage. the fw02 collection up there is not that different in the sense that it also gives off that feeling of something that's evolving and also probably no less provocative but i think i personally like it more; or at least the outfits i've posted. i think ethnic costumes (or ethnic costume-inspired designer ones) might just be the only clothes capable of looking that way and awing everyone like they do.
another collection i've been liking lately is the graduate collection of naoya nakayama from the london college of fashion. i like the asymmetrical clothes and the glittery shoes that remind me of some old margiela ones (perfect party shoes, haha).

my favourite looks are the ones i posted up there but the collection is pretty nice overall (albeit it is so small, almost nonexistent).
my other recent activities include: obsessing over red and blue glitter nail polish, cooking liters of tomato soup and coveting completely useless things, such as these rising sun badges from cdg. i swear, my mind is all over the place and while i would usually enjoy this, it's rather bugging me these past few days. any of you know some recipes for getting your brain in one piece again?

hussein chalayan ss02; naoya nakayama graduate collection 2010 / the fashion spot; catwalking

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